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  • Can I choose whether to accept jobs?
    You have complete control over which jobs you accept. We simply triage any requests to hire your vehicle and send you the options we think are suitable.
  • Is my vehicle insured whilst hired?
    Yes - The Hirer must provide a fully comprehensive insurance policy, including "Right to Restore", "Agreed Value" and "Hire and Reward", for the hire of the vehicle.
  • When will I be paid?
    Payments for hire of your vehicle will be sent to you once Capture Classics have received confirmation that the vehicle arrived at the location as agreed.
  • Will my vehicle be driven?
    In some cases a model or actor will drive the vehicle, and in others you may be asked to drive the vehicle yourself. In either case, the hirer must have appropriate insurance in place. Alternatively, you can request to only take part in static jobs.
  • Does it cost anything to register my vehicle?
    It is completely free to register your vehicle with Capture Classics.
  • Do I have to deliver the vehicle?
    You are welcome to deliver the vehicle yourself, or, Capture Classics can organise the delivery and collection of the vehicle on your behalf.
  • Do I have to stay with the vehicle during the hire?
    You do not need to attend the hire. However, we strongly encourage owners to stay with their vehicles during the hire in case there are any questions.
  • Where will the vehicle be used?
    Vehicles can be hired across many locations, from film studios to locations - indoors and outdoors. Capture Classics work closely with the hirer to ensure it is appropriate for the vehicle to be used in that location.


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